Growing Wheatgrass

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Growing wheatgrass begins with a jar, water & seeds.  Put everything together and leave for approximately 9 - 12 hours.  I'd recommend leaving the seeds in the water for 12 hours as it will reduce the chance of seeing white mold later down the line.

Following after the 12 hours.  Drain the water and rinse a few times with ambient water and leave it on a drainage board.  Repeat this every 12 hours until the seeds have sprouted and ready to sow.

You’re going to need a seed tray with a few inches of soil/compost.  Seprate the seeds out evenly and place a newspaper or kitchen paper over the top of the seeds.  When covering make sure the paper towel or newspaper is damp and not soaked.  If you are not planning to soak the paper towel or newspaper then carefully water the wheatgrass so its damp and not soaked.

Have a peek every day to see how the seeds are getting on.  When they reach a few inches in height then remove the cover and place in direct sunlight. 

Don't be surprised if you encounter white mold. Wheatgrass prefers temperature at 60 to 70 Fahrenheit. Maybe worth consider using a table fan to improve the air circulation when growing indoors.

White cotton mold is harmless to humans but can have an effect on people with asthma - if you have asthma please read up on it!

Another possibility is to use a collecting tray without holes once the roots have taken. The water will collect and act like a reservoir. Meaning the mold should not appear at the sprouts

Don’t over water whilst the sprouts are taking root. Finally make sure when laying the seeds out on the tray. Allowing the spouts to breath for air.

Don’t forget to check my 7 part wheatgrass videos for for information.