Growing Sweet Peas


Growing sweet peas is relevantly new to me as I’ve been focusing on growing vegetables for the past few years.  I like recycling materials that we would normally just throw away. I'm using the core of toilet rolls as seedling pots is just a great idea.  The depth of the toilet roll really means that there is plenty of root space for the plant to development.

Before you smash these seeds down you can also soak them in tepid water overnight. You will notice that the seeds will transform into a brown colour.  This provides a quicker start but isn't essential as the germination process will work well in moist compost anyway. 

I've got some fantastic tips coming up in the near future regarding sweet peas.  Make sure you check back soon because it's going to be awesome!  Next sweet pea video will be about pinching out sweet pea shoots to encourage side shoots.  It’s simple and means the plant will be much more bushy…bosh!

Thanks for reading & have a great day!